Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

MIT-WPU Faculty of Education conducts Faculty Development for the faculties of MIT-WPU. The major focus of the Faculty Development Programme was towards achieving excellence in teaching, training and enhancing research skill of all the faculty members of MIT-WPU.

Objectives of  FDP

  • To familiarize the teacher on imperatives of Outcomes-based Education (OBE) in his work.
  • To train the teachers in the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in defining their respective course outcomes.
  • To equip the teacher with techniques belonging to Student-Centered /Active Learning Pedagogy.
  • To impress upon teacher’s mind the need for and ways to achieve alignment between Outcomes, Assessment, and Learning Experiences.
  • To introduce the various models of team teaching and methods of teaching-learning.
  • To make the course plans ready in the light of the new perspective for faculties across the university.

Till now 400 plus faculty members of MIT-WPU under the guidance of Prof. I.K. Bhat, Prof. Suhasini Desai, and Prof. Datta Dandge completed their FDP successfully.